A Series of Links

In a bid to give you bloodsucking leeches something to entertain yourselves with, I’ve raided the internet to find some completely random and all-together useless websites that might occupy you and waste your time for a few minutes, thus diverting the pressure to update for another day.

The Stormfront White Nationalist Dating Advice Community gets my non-existent vote for this round of Internet Spotlight.


If you enjoy survival bunkers, reproduction militaria and warm cups of milk by the fire then warm up your Panzer and travel down to Stormfront to talk about Teutonic runes and umlauts and possibly meet up in some wood-panelled basement with silk-screened SS flags on the walls where nice people will spend a moonlit evening tying you up with electrical tape in their trunk.

But speaking of the deafeningly mental, I was sent a link to the Real Super Powers forum last night. I’m normally pretty inclined to criticise websites for being slightly misleading but this is just awesome. If Watchmen taught us anything it’s that people like anti-heroes, and what better anti-hero than 16 year olds who look like wet Chihuahuas ineptly rubbing their hands together to try and make tornados appear in Boston or something. If you love powers and you’re sick and tired of things ‘super’ or ‘magical’  and are instead looking for people who left a promising career at Circuit City in order to regularly wear capes then this forum is for you!

you know i’ve only just noticed after like a year and a half that my body might be set into auto warm-up mode, here in Italy everyone in my school has got sweaters,coats, hats and stuff on…I’m fine with a jumper (which i eventually take off) i’ve also noticed that when this happens and i touch people they scream about how cold I am and i about how hot they are ( this happens everytime, but what’s really scary is that they have no problem touching each other) weird huh?” – Thermoman

Thermoman is a practical supervillain. Thermoman will run you a bath but he’ll make it slightly too cold- because he can. He’ll pet your shoulder when you aren’t watching and laugh as you writhe on the ground, and then hide all of the light jumpers in the house just to spite you. He could fix your PS2 for you, but he doesn’t want to. Godspeed, Thermoman.

Moving on, we ask the question does misery breed art? I’m inclined to say yes because of absolute masterpieces such as this:

Beautiful, no? But not only that, it’s practical! See for yourself! Why, you’ll be the toast of the laundrette. You might ask yourself what’s the point of making a laundry basket out of a slightly non-plussed looking gazelle or whatever it is but I think you’ll find it’s to plumb the depths of the heart of darkness.

Gazelle Laundry Thing is us. Think about it.


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