One of my new favourite things about making tea is is the exciting possibility that I will DIE in the process, now that fetching Tetley has become a Russian roulette-style cylinder spin surprise. Only the bullet in this case has naturally been replaced with a GIANT FUCKING SPIDER. So imagine my doe-eyed surprise when I  accidentally pet this bugger as he jumped at my arm the other evening in an attempt to inject more baby-mutant spiders in to my eyeballs.

You wanna play games, I’ll play your fucking games

Obviously I didn’t die in the end. Like Robert DeNiro in The Deer Hunter I wrestled him to the ground and danced on the strewn corpse my tea-captor.

Of course if you want to split hairs I didn’t do that at all, I actually ran in to the living room and cried. My Vietnam is actually a quiet surburban house. You don’t know my pain!


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