Hello Yaniv Schulman!

I have just watched your documentary film on meeting women from the Internet, award nominated Catfish. This hit me at a core that has previously been hidden under layers of muddy ignorance.

Yaniv I think I am in love. His name is Bryont. We met when I was looking for a replacement hand surgeon on an Internet forum. My bright womanly pupils catching his lanky locks. My firm woman mouth chapped and burning with static electricity after practicing kissing on my monitor screen.

Bryont is a successful and expert doctor of eyes.

Here is a picture he sent me from his Apple iPhone of his colleague Doctor Bruno Motorcycle and their secretary Aqua.

It didn’t encode right and he says it was in a weird format like 736×333 so I can only make out his hot bod when I squint, and at that point it’s like staring at him in stereoscopic 3D and I have to lie down.

Bryont is also firmly in touch with his feelings! His heart is so big he once adopted a small deformed man he found selling candles outside a recycling centre in Beijing. Here is his adopted son Ziggy who he had hired in his hospital to also sell candles.

Ziggy loved candles! Bryont was teaching him to say the word by coaxing him with pieces tin on account of his teething but unfortunately before he could learn it one of the nurses gave him the wrong sort of tin and he got so excited he had to be put down.

Yaniv, sometimes I love Bryont so hard I hurt myself. He has invited me to live with him in his barn but after seeing your show I begin to ask myself: is he too good to be true?


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